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The 16-island archipelago of Phu Quoc lies about 40 km. west of Gulf of Thailand. The major island - Phu Quoc is 48 km. long and covers an area of 1,320 square km. Phu Quoc island boasts lush tropical and mountain zones. Phu Quoc island holds great potential for tourism with unspoiled beaches, especially in the south. The area is great swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

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Saigon Phu Quoc Resort Tarzan Villa 31-Oct-05 40 40 N/A INCL. Book Now
Robinson Villa 31-Oct-05 52 52 N/A INCL.
Starcruise Villa 31-Oct-05 68 68 N/A INCL.
VIP 31-Oct-05 70 70 N/A INCL.
Fam House 31-Oct-05 240 240 N/A INCL.

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